effect printing

Lenson 3D Printing


The environmental impact is small,
and 3D decorative printing can be applied to thin and light materials.
It can be printed on paper, PET and PC film, etc., opening up new
applications. 3D printing of paper POP, stickers, labels and other
materials to create depth parallax that exceeds the thickness of
the material You can create a 3D effect. It can reproduce the
3D pattern and jiggle effect.




With a combination of 3D aurora and metallic,
Moveable metallic gradation expression becomes
possible It was. Kirameki with metallic feeling in
the background. To the luxury impression in
champagne gold series, Also a powerful impression
on the dark gray system.



A whole new visual effect was born.From any angle, it rocks and shakes. Because it shakes with movement of line of sight,POP sign with high eye-catching effect, now tointerior, space design. You can create a different design than before.Like MINO 3 D, Jiggle does not have a directional direction, and it vibrates with vertical, horizontal, and iristo move. Jiggle makes 3D expression more enjoyable.


Jiggle metallic


Glitter shining, it shakes wobbly.With metallic color, circle blur like CM shooting was reproduced by printing.It is a fascinating style that is slightly different from the luxurious atmosphere, background design.


Jiggle shadow


As the background of the 2D design, the drop shadow effect shakes.

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DMC Changing

Patterns may change, disappear,I will change the direction without looking.Adjust stealth effect and appearance opportunities is.A bit analog, dot matrix changing.



Repeat color change of glitter and metallic luster depending on viewing angle. metallicSince it does not use powder, it does not become dark even with backlight transmission.




It is a printed expression like mystical light dancing spreading in the night sky.Depending on the viewing angle, the color changes and shakes. It is also a feature of MINO3 DYou can get a visual effect that you can see the direction of vertical and horizontal.


4G - 3D

By varying the lens arrangement, three dimensional effects such as fish eyes and turning born. The projecting effect can bring a 3D feeling of preeminence.

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